StrobiStrip 150 – new modifier for Speedlites

Some years ago I so Martin’s Schoeller portraits and I very liked the “cat eyes” on some of them… And I’ve desired to make long super-slim softboxes for speedlites. Last year I did it!..))

Simple assemblage, light weight, low cost – and we have completely stripbox 150x7x6 cm! For using StrobiStrip 150 cm you need to have next appliances:

  • Bracket Strobius UNI-001/002/003 or Phottix Varos BG (II)
  • Tele-boom arms Strobius 60-115 cm and 40-85 cm or 60 cm or two 60-115 cm
  • Two any ordinary flash brackets (Phottix Varos XS, Type E, Type B etc.)
  • Two speedlites (with triggers or not – up to your synchronization method)
  • Any light stand
  • And StrobiStrip 150 cm itself

That’s all.

Slim softbox

StrobiStrip-150 Double

You can watch this video to understand how it looks like

And this is process of one of my session and results..))

Using StrobiStrip 150 - Backstage

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