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StrobiStrip - Slim Softboxes

New innovative light modifier for portable speed light. StrobiStrip can be successfully used in portrait and product photography. StrobiStrip is collapsible ultra narrow softbox, called “stripbox”. The modifier is made from high-quality Oxford fabric and has reflectors system inside.

There are three size:

  1. StrobiStrip 50 – small stripbox, length 50 cm for portrait and invite photography
  2. StrobiStrip 100 – middle stripbox, length 100 cm for creative photography
  3. StrobiStrip 150 – long stripbox, length 150 см for creative portrait and product photography

Invented by photographers for photographers!!!

Strobius Basic Gel Kit

Strobius Basic Gel Kit allows you to match your flash’s light output to the color balance of background lights, so that the room lights visible in your shots will look just as white and clean as the main illumination being provided by your strobe. Also you can add various colors to your lighting source – deep Red, Blue and Pink.


  1. 201 Full CT Blue: converts flash color temperature from 5600К to 8100К
  2. 202 1/2 CT Blue: converts flash color temperature from 5600К to 6700К
  3. 204 Full CT Orange: converts flash color temperature from 5600К to 2300К
  4. 205 1/2 CT Orange: converts flash color temperature from 5600К to 2900К
  5. 244 Full Plus Green: analogue CC30 filter for lenses
  6. 245 1/2 Plus Green: analogue CC15 filter for lenses
  7. 182 Light Red: converts flash color temperature from 5600К to deep red color
  8. 197 Alice Blue: converts flash color temperature from 5600К to blue color
  9. 002 Rose Pink: converts flash color temperature from 5600К to deep pink color
  10. 250 1 White Diffusion: reduction flash light to 1 stop

Strobius Pro Set MD-001

Professional set of modifiers for portable light flashes: set of colored filters, grids, flags (gobo), snoot.

The whole set is packed in a convenient bag, which is attached to the light stand and provides quick access to the flash modifiers.

  • Strobius carrying bag for modifiers – 1 piece
  • Color set Strobius Basic Gel Kit – 1 piece
  • Micnova 1/8″ Speed Grid MQ-FW01 for Speedlights – 1 piece
  • Micnova 1/4″ Speed Grid MQ-FW02 for Speedlights – 1 piece
  • Micnova Speed Gobo / Reflector MQ-B10 black-white – 2 pcs
  • Snoot / Reflector Micnova MQ-B9 – 1 piece
  • Micnova Speed Strap MQ-CB2 – 5 pcs

Jinbei Battery Off-Camera Flashes

Portable studio flash with built-in and external lithium battery and 2.4GHz remote control, speedlites with cylindrical flash tube, high power, good quality and comfortable price – it’s all about Jinbei Battery Flashes.

  • Jinbei HD II-600v – 600Ws, build-in 6600mAh High-energy lithium battery may rich over 500 flashes in full power output, flash duration till 1/15000 sec, HSS (high-speed sync) mode, standard Bowens S type mount
  • Jinbei DC II-1200/600 Discovery – 1200/600 Ws, Li-polymer Battery DC 24V 6000mAh, Built-in multi-Channels 2.4GHz remote receiver, LED 10W modelling lamp, standard Bowens S type mount
  • Jinbei FL II-500 – low price, 500Ws, Li-polymer Battery 4600mAh, LED 6W modelling lamp, standard Bowens S type mount
  • Jinbei MF-200 – compact design, 200Ws, Cylindrical professional flash tube, hot shoe, external battery pack, Li-polymer Battery 4400mAh, HSS (high-speed sync) mode